Basic understanding of how to make handmade jewelry with beads

Basic understanding of how to make handmade jewelry with beads
Thu, Nov, 30

Want to try out some different designs of jewelry? Why not try some handmade one? Contrary to the general belief, if you know How to make handmade jewelry with beads you would understand how easy and less time consuming affair it is. Here is a quick rundown that will help you learn the art of making fascinating jewelry items with beads using your own hands.

Understanding the mechanicals first

To make handmade jewelry with beads you would basically require three components. The beads themselves, the connectors and the findings. If you are wondering that what on earth a finding is, be informed that a finding is basically that component which serves the purpose of linking, joining or attaching the other components to each other. Findings are of three types, mechanical, decorative and hybrid.

While it is the job of the functional findings to serve the mechanical purpose, the decorative findings however are more into adding to the aesthetic appeal of the jewelry. Most people prefer to use the hybrid findings as they are decorative components that serve the mechanical purpose as well. Bead cap or locket bail is the best example of the hybrid findings.

Choose the type of jewelry

There is so much that you can think of while you learn about How to make handmade jewelry with beads. You could make those stylish bracelets, or try some exquisite earrings or make the gorgeous necklace that would amaze every pair of eyes that beholds them. Other options of jewelry that you can make with beads are rings, anklets, chokers or lariats etc. Depending on the type of the jewelry, your choice of beads would vary.

Select the right type of connecting string

While you choose the string for your handmade jewelry item, do not forget to consider the weight and size of the beads. If this is ignored, you may choose a weaker string than required and that would simply ruin the whole DIY project of making handmade jewelry items.  There are many options available for this. You could choose from items like metal wires, memory wires, cords of different materials like leather or cotton, elastic strings, and many more.

There are special beading threads available in the markets which are especially meant for beaded jewelry making. Make a smart choice here.

Finish properly

The most important part of any handmade jewelry is the finishing of it. If it is not finished well, the jewelry item’s durability as well as appearance would not be good. Thus you need to make full use of the materials like bead caps, ends, loops or crimps to ensure that you are providing a proper finish to your jewelry items.

Now that you know about the base formula of how to make handmade jewelry with beads, all you have to do is take a piece of paper and chalk out the design of your jewelry and start making them. It certainly is a lot easier than how it is perceived to be.

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