Polymer Clay jewelry by Elizabeth Krutik

Polymer Clay jewelry by Elizabeth Krutik
Wed, Oct, 04

I, Elizabeth Krutik, am a Specialty - textile designer. 6 years of my life I dedicated to the Kharkiv State Academy of Design and Arts. Although drawing and creativity I began to engage more in early childhood. Perhaps it is all genes. My parents, too, designers, and all my life I've spent in a fun, positive and very creative atmosphere with extraordinary and interesting people.

 As a child, in my room on the table among the toys and books were pens, sheets of paper, pencils, clay, and glue ... In general, all you need to create. And so I did, although my parents weren’t always happy about my creative impulses. They believed that painting on the wallpaper and the door wasn’t the best thing in the room for a child to express their fantasies.

As time passed, I grew up and graduated college. I had time to try my hand as an artist illustrator, author of educational books on beads, and as a drawing teacher ... And then one day, in the social network, I came across a girl from my town, in the albums on her page there were photos of a very interesting and unusual jewelry. Earrings, rings, bracelets, and pendants in the form of small fruits, sweets, realistic flowers. I became very interested. I ordered her earrings and a ring with a rose and when I went to pick up my order, I talked to her. For an hour and a half we stood in the street talking about her work. She said that she makes all these miniature charms from polymer clay and metal accessories. She advised me that if I'm interested, I should watch training videos and photo workshops on the Internet.

She said that’s how she began her artistic career. To say that I hurried home to my laptop is an understatement. Inspired by the example of my new friend, I spent the whole night sitting, glued to the monitor, and studied everything that was related to the topic of polymer clay. The next day my eyes hurt of course, but the desire to try out the material wasn’t lost. I begged my mother to buy me some clay on her way home from work (the craft store for this hobby at that time was only in the center of the city), I again enthusiastically delved into online research.

After receiving the coveted clay, I could not sit still; my hands were itching, and eyes burning. I had never noticed the craving to sculpt, and now this. I started to take over the development of the material. And never mind that at that time I had only 4 colors of clay (red, white, black and yellow), my enthusiasm and desire to sculpt left this fact unnoticed to me. All my sculpted wealth was carefully tucked into the oven and after turning on the timer, I sat down to wait for the result.


With the lack of practice, experience and logic at that time (How is it possible to think logically, if you have that same material, which you dreamed of for so long? No need for logic, just create!) That thinking played an evil joke on me. I never thought in a burst of creative emotion, that clay is very undesirable to put directly on the iron sheet. Of course, after about 15-20 minutes out of the oven, I retrieved pretty burnt clay blurred on the sheet. I was really upset, but did not want to give up. And I decided at any cost to learn modeling.

Since the ill-fated "first pancake", which came out burnt, it has been more than 5 years. During this time I have tried various brands of clay, I learned many of the techniques of modeling and baking clay. For 5-plus years, among the vast range of existing polymer clay, I found a couple of favorites, which I'm comfortable with and is a pleasure to work with. I always try to keep track of the various innovations in my field of work. I watch many master classes of domestic and foreign artists. I try to keep track of changes in hardware, fashion jewelry, appearance and additional support materials.

I am constantly improving my skills, and keep moving forward. Otherwise, you will never be a master in your field of work. My father likes to say: "In whatever work you apply yourself to, you should be in it professionally, otherwise there is no point in even starting." I completely agree with him. Nowadays, almost every girl has some crafts (and I am only talking about girls, but there are also a lot of creative men), and tries to somehow work in their favor by trying to sell their products, thus creating competition. To stand out from the mass of artists and beginners crafts, you need to make really interesting and unique things. That's what I try to do.

Polymer Clay gives a huge perspective for imagination and creativity. It can be combined with paints, glass, epoxy resin, various pigments, powders, wood, and even metal. Soft and supple structure allows sculpting in various forms, both volume and plane as it is a versatile material.

Each master is happy when their products are popular with others; they bring joy and perhaps embody someone else's dream. That is why the production of even a small decoration that you put your soul, your skills, accuracy and a lot of love. There isn’t a craftsman who doesn’t love their work. The customer receives, not just a new product that is nice for their collection, but also gets a slice of the heart and soul of the craftsmen themselves.


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