A quick note on how to make handmade jewelry

A quick note on how to make handmade jewelry
Mon, Nov, 20

In recent ties there has been a shift of paradigm when it comes to choosing jewelry. Against the contemporary mass produced jewelry, the demand for handmade jewelry is on the surge. In such a scenario, if you want to do a business of selling handmade jewelry, you should be looking at making them on your own. If you do not know and are currently wondering how to make handmade jewelry, this is just the place where you should be at. Let’s learn making some exotic jewelry items with your own hands.

Get your arsenal ready

The first and foremost thing to know while learning about how to make handmade jewelry is the tools that you are going to need. Depending on the type of jewelry you want to make, you would need some or all of the following jewelry making tools and raw materials.

  1. Pliers – there are many types of them available in the market. If not all of them, but you should be getting the step jaw pliers, nylon jaw pliers, round and chain nose pliers and the bent closing pliers.
  2. Metallic ruler – it should be able to give you measures both in inches as well as centimeters.
  3. Wires and wire cutters – get lots of wires as you would need to practice hard on them.
  4. Peg boards – required for bending the wires.
  5. Clasps and closures.
  6. Beads, jump rings and headpins – get lots of them.
  7. Jewelry wire in different gauge sizes.

How to make earrings

Making crystal earrings should be the first thing to do as you learn how to make handmade jewelry. You need to take a crystal and fit it into the jump rings by opening up the jumping’s using the pliers. Once you have fed the crystals to the jump rings, the earring findings needs to be placed onto the jump ring. Close the mouth of the jump ring by using the relevant pliers.

How to make bracelets

If you do not learn how to make bracelets your efforts to learn about how to make handmade jewelry would go in vain. To begin with, beaded bracelets are the best option. You can use Swarovski crystal to make the bracelet look great. Determine the length of the bracelet, and cut the jewelry wire of that length. Thread a bead in between two bead caps onto the wire to make one bead unit. Do not forget to use the round nose pliers to make the wire loop at the second end.

Make multiple such bead units and keep on interlocking them with each other till the time you have got it to adequate length. At the far ends add two jump rings or split rings and your handmade bracelet is ready for use.

You can try other designs of jewelry as well using beads and wires in different combinations. Unleash your creative being to think of different designs and make some of the most exquisite and exotic handmade jewelry to amaze your friends and family.

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