Simple handmade jewelry design ideas for everyone

Simple handmade jewelry design ideas for everyone
Mon, Nov, 27

If you are one those hundreds of people who love to wear jewelry made by their own hands it is possible that at times you may be a victim of lack of ideas. To help you come out of that situation, here are some easy to do handmade jewelry design ideas which would make amazingly appealing jewelry with high aesthetic values.

Bracelet ideas

The most important thing about designing bracelets is the gender of the wearer. If you are designing bracelets for men, you would be choosing more of flowery items and beads of white or pink color. If your intended audience is the men, you would possibly choose metallic blocks or leather straps to make handmade bracelets. Some of the common ideas include:

  • Wire wrapped Gemstone based bracelet with pearl beads
  • Square beaded bracelets making use of colorful seed beads
  • Rhinestone and leather bracelet – can be worn by both men and women
  • Wrapped ribbon bracelets – simple to make but very attractive to look at

Necklace ideas

When it comes to necklaces, there are so many designs that could offer impeccable style and fashion. While designing a necklace you need to be sure that it does not become too thin. Keep in mind the health of the intended wearer and decide on the thickness of the necklace accordingly.

  • Braided bead necklaces with same color bead strands or strands with different color of beads – these necklaces offer volume and cover the neck area in a fuller way.
  • Leather and multi strand beaded necklace – This one is similar to the braided bead necklace with the leather strip replacing the metal chain.
  • Multi strand beaded necklace – use three or four strands of stone beads and make the necklace as your prehistoric ancestors used to do.
  • Charming photo necklace – Keep your loved ones close to your heart. Use small photo lockets to make the charming photo necklace that will offer volume to the necklace as well.

Earring ideas

Unless you want to dress up abstractly, your earring design should hand in hand with the necklace design idea. Use similar beads as used in the necklace and use them on the jump rings to make the earrings that would be in sync with the design of the necklace. In case you want something abstract, try out these ideas.

  • Grapevine earrings – club multiple pearl beads together to form the grapevine earrings. You can use multiple colors.
  • Chandelier earrings – Using a big gem stone and metal chains, design a chandelier earring that would be hanging type of earring.
  • Simple pearl teardrop earring – Using metal frames of the shape of a teardrop, fix small beads of pearl to design the simple but elegant looking pearl teardrop earring.

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