Vyshyvanka dresses


If you are one of those people who love to dress the uncommon way and love it when their dresses catch the attention of others, you must try Ukrainian dress materials. These dresses bear the distinctive emblem of the heritage and culture of Ukraine. The dresses of Ukraine are not only meant to cover the body, but they also tell a lot about the individual who is wearing them. For example, the dress worn by a little girl would be different than the dress that would be worn by a married woman.

A sneak peek into the tradition of Ukrainian dresses

Some of the traditional Ukrainian dress materials would include the Sharovary, Zupan, Kozhukh and the Kontusz for men. For women’s wear the traditional Ukrainian dress would mean the kozhushank and the Ochipok which is especially to be worn by married women, and lastly Vyshyvanka, the Ukrainian national dress as well.

A typical Ukrainian embroidered dress is usually white in color with very intricate work of embroidery on the sleeves, and the body of the dress. While different colored Ukrainian dress is also available, but white is the most predominant color. This is because as per the Ukrainian belief if the shirt on the body would be white and clean, the attitude of the individual towards his wife would also be the same.

Something more about Ukrainian dresses

While talking about a Ukrainian dress, the first thing that is worth mentioning is the work of embroidery that is found on any Ukrainian traditional dress. For that matter, embroidery is a part of Ukrainian tradition and decorative art since ages. You would find work of embroidery on towels, table linens and obviously on their clothes.

The use of work of embroidery in the Ukrainian traditional dress dates back to the pagan times. There are different patterns of embroidery being used in the Ukrainian embroidered dress and the trivia fact is that these patterns were different for different parts of the country.

Buying Ukrainian dresses

With the advent of internet marketing buying a Ukrainian dress has become a lot easier now. You really do not have to catch a flight to Kiev or any other city of Ukraine to buy one. All you have to do is to check out the internet and visit a reputed website that sells handmade Ukrainian dress. Buying handmade stuff is important here, as unless and until the embroidery is done by the hands of a skilled Ukrainian, it will not get the right feel or the rights look of the traditional Ukrainian dress.