Ukrainian vyshyvanka


Are you looking for some good quality Ukrainian embroidered shirts? While buying them you need to be sure that what you are buying is a genuine Ukrainian product as otherwise it will not have the quality that you would be paying for. How to understand whether you are buying a typical Ukrainian short-sleeved t-shirt or a Ukrainian embroidered blouse. For that you would need to know a little bit more about these dresses.

To begin with you need to know that not only the Ukrainian short-sleeved t-shirt, but all Ukrainian embroidered shirts are made using pretty complicated weaving techniques that features elaborate structural and geometric designs along with heavy work of embroidery and cutwork needlework. Unless and until these dresses are made by the hands of a skilled Ukrainian weaver, you cannot expect any machine to make vyshyvanka dresses as elegant and as beautiful as the Ukrainian embroidered blouse or shirts.

The Ukrainian Vyshyvanka

Talking of Ukrainian dresses, the next thing that would come to anybody’s mind is the Ukrainian Vyshyvanka blouse which happens to be the national dress of the Ukrainians as well. A typical Ukrainian Vyshyvanka blouse is a blouse which is especially meant for women and is characterized by heavy work of embroidery with red and black threads.  As you buy the Ukrainian Vyshyvanka blouse online or from a local store, you may find use of threads of different colors in the embroidery, but the red and black colors are traditional colors that are ideally to be used in the typical Ukrainian Vyshyvanka blouse.

As per Ukrainian traditional beliefs, black was the symbol of a land that is fertile and red would be source of positive energy and was the symbol of sunshine, love and joy. This is why you would observe the predominance of these colors in the Ukrainian embroidered shirts more than anything else.

Other Ukrainian shirts

Some of the other traditional Ukrainian shirts include the Kozhukh which is a typical winter wear and is a full sleeve gown. The Kuntush or Kontusz is another type of ethnic shirts that were worn by Ukrainians in the past. When it comes to buying Ukrainian shirts in the modern days, you would be getting plenty of them on the online stores that sell authentic handmade Ukrainian dresses.

If you ever think that why most of the Ukrainian embroidered shirts are white in color, you should know that as per Ukrainian folklore the attitude of an individual should get reflected through his clothing and thus I a person is wearing white his attitude would also be clean and white like his shirt.