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If you walk around the clothes market ever you would hardly find a store that sells handmade clothes. The picture is similar in the online stores as well. In this age of machines, most people prefer using machine made clothes as they are easy to produce, low at cost and have more appealing designs. However, if you think deeply, there is still no replacement to the intricately designed handmade clothes. This article will tell you why.

Handmade clothes are safe to wear

In their effort to make the clothes more aesthetically appealing, the commercial cloth making units use industrial toxic dyes which are harmful for human health. Not only these dyes are prepared from harmful chemicals but once they are also being dumped as industrial wastes in various water bodies which pollute the water as well.

Handmade clothes for sale on the other hand are usually made with natural dyes which are absolutely safe. Some handmade clothes production units do use certain commercial grade dyes but then these are not as toxic as the industrial dyes.

Handmade clothes save the environment

Production of polyester or other types of fabrics requires a lot of machinery, chemicals that are highly toxic. This means that the commercially produced dresses are causing a huge damage to the environment as for manufacturing them a lot of energy is being used and a lot of environmental pollution is also caused.

You can do your bit of contribution towards saving the environment by promoting the use of handmade clothing items and reduce the use of commercially made clothes. As you start buying handmade clothes online or from other brick and mortar stores, you would be sending a message to the society that you are trying to save the environment and they should follow suit. 

Go back to your roots

The clothes that are available in the handmade clothes online stores are designed and made manually by skilled weavers who have years of experience and bear the traditional knowledge of different designs of their culture.  Owing to this they design many handmade vintage clothing items which were used in the yesteryears. You can set in a new style by wearing the handmade vintage clothing items as this is something which would not be tried y many fashion conscious people.

In the era of fashion designing, it is always a new style statement to go back to your roots with the handmade vintage clothing that you would get from the handmade clothes online stores.