Top reasons to switch to handmade soaps

Did you know that the conventional soaps that you get in the racks of the supermarkets are not soaps at all? At least they are not what soaps were ideally supposed to be like or made of.  Owing to use of heavy synthetic chemicals in these soaps, the skin gets impacted adversely in many ways. To save your skin from the harmful effects of these commercial soaps, you should be switching to handmade soap without any further delay.

Skin benefits are not the only reason that should encourage you to switch to the natural handmade soap.  There are other reasons as well. Let us quickly run you through the various reasons that would help you understand that why organic handmade soap is a better option over the commercially made chemical soaps.

No harmful ingredients

Common ingredients like triclosan, artificial colors, synthetic lathering agents in the commercial soaps not only cause damage to the skin but can cause other fatal health disorders as well. As you buy handmade soap and start using it, you would be saving your tender skin from the harmful effects of these detrimental elements.

An organic handmade soap contains vegetable oils and other essential oils which are rich in vitamins, antioxidants and nutrients which are the key behind getting a healthy skin.

Handmade soaps contain glycerin

Glycerin, one of the most important elements that maintain the moisture level of the body is being extracted out of the commercial soaps. Thus while using them you would not be getting any benefits of glycerin. A handmade soap on the other hand retains all the natural glycerin and helps your skin get that tender and soft feel.

Ingredients can be chosen

Whether you buy handmade soap online or buy it from a local handmade soap store, you can always choose the soap that contains ingredients of your choice. Healthy and nutritious ingredients like lavender oil, coconut oil, olive oil, avocado oil, or jojoba oil along with various herbs can make the handmade soap provide the ultimate skin care to you, which you would not be able to get with any commercial soap out there in the market.

Even though they make the handmade soap for sale, but the experienced artisan ensures that there is no compromise in quality of the soaps that are sold in a reputed handmade soap shop. People are well aware of the benefits of an organic handmade soap and thus expectations are very high from every handcrafted soap bar, whether the customers buy it from a local store or buy handmade soap online.