Wood Desk Organizer Phone Stand Walnut Men's Gift Compatible with Any Phone

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22.90 cm
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8.60 in
16.50 cm
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CONSTRUCTION. The Desk Organizer is made of 100% eco-friendly and high-quality material - Solid Ash-Tree. Covered with protective finishing – Dark Walnut non-toxic stain. Organizer comes disassembled, you’ll need to insert the Foot Stands into the grooves on the backside of the Base like shown in the picture.

Please note!
Make sure that the foot stands fit tightly into the grooves, otherwise the organizer can sway on the table.

Size of the top base: 22” (55 cm) х 6”(15 cm) х 0,8”(2 cm)
Foot Stand height: 2,6” (6,5 cm)
Length between the foot stands: 19,60” (49 cm)
Size in Assembled form: 22” (55 cm) х 6”(15 cm)x3,4” (8,5 cm)
Contents: one top base, 2 foot stands

FUNCTIONALITY. The Organizer is designed in such a way that helps to save work space and keep things in order. You can have an extra surface to your workplace with sections for the stationery, phones, tablets, sticky notes, coins, keys and the cup of your favorite drink. Also you can use the space below for the keyboard, books, magazines, notes etc.

Foot stands are made with special shaped groves for easy movement of the organizer from place to place.

DESIGN. The design of the stand is simple and organic. The special charm and value of such products come from the structure of natural wood. The noble shade of dark walnut will perfectly fit into any styles of an interior - classical and modern.

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