Japanese Temari balls

Japanese Temari balls
Tue, Dec, 19

My name is Irina Levchenko. My fascination of embroidered Japanese Temari balls began quite unexpectedly. A friend of mine saw on the Internet unusually beautiful decorative balls and showed me, knowing that I would definitely be interested. Seeing this handmade wonder I could not remain indifferent and slowly began to learn about how to make Temari. It came out great. And then exciting events started to occur in my life: Meeting other Temari artists, event invitation to the Ukrainian-Japanese Center ( https://www.facebook.com/Ukraine-Japan-Center-125011520952938/photos/?tab=album&album_id=783817655072318), and participation in an exhibition on “JapanMania”.


The most interesting and memorable event was a master class on Temari balls embroidery.

In August 2015, a week in Kiev, Slava Frolova held a social project called "Art Picnic", a very interesting event, where they spent free master classes, held meetings with different people and had a lot of interesting things. During these days there was also a festival called “Japanese week” and I was invited to conduct a master class on the embroidery of Temari balls. I agreed and prepared for it almost a month. Everything went just fine! I got a lot of positivity and was pleased to convey to people my knowledge.

Masterclass was held for ten people, and even more were willing to participate, one woman asked to join us, so I had to give her my Temari ball that was meant to showcase embroidery and she ended up being number 11. The students were of different ages, and there was even a young man.

Those who did not take part in a master class approached and asked for business cards, asked about Temari, about how to make them, and more other questions. I was pleased to respond to all questions. It was very nice to know that people are interested in Temari and enjoy them!


Here are some pictures from that wonderful day.

At present, I still continue to embroider these beautiful Temari and try to learn a great variety of patterns and ways to weave.