Master-class on the creation of the Hair Band in the technique of tatting.
Fri, Sep, 15

This delicate headband will look good in any hairstyle. Emphasize your femininity and refinement of taste, decorate your hair and put you in a good mood, because you yourself have made an exquisite accessory.


Technique of tatting. Jewelry of Dream!
Thu, Jun, 01

At all times, handmade lace is very highly valued. I think in our days of lace - an integral part of the tender, mysterious, enigmatic female character. What is handmade lace? What images come up in our minds when we hear these words?

There are many techniques and types of handmade lace. Lace Bobbin, lace Oya (or Palestinian lace), Irish, Flemish, Valencian, etc. All of them, in their own way, interesting, every art has its unique features and capabilities. But in this article I will tell you about a technique of tatting.