Home Decor

Japanese Temari balls
Tue, Dec, 19

My name is Irina Levchenko. My fascination of embroidered Japanese Temari balls began quite unexpectedly. A friend of mine saw on the Internet unusually beautiful decorative balls and showed me, knowing that I would definitely be interested. Seeing this handmade wonder I could not remain indifferent and slowly began to learn about how to make Temari. It came out great. And then exciting events started to occur in my life: Meeting other Temari artists, event invitation to the Ukrainian-Japanese Center ( https://www.facebook.com/Ukraine-Japan-Center-125011520952938/photos/?tab=album&album_id=783817655072318), and participation in an exhibition on “JapanMania”.
The most interesting and memorable event was a master class on Temari balls embroidery.

A couple of handmade home decor ideas to stun everybody
Fri, Nov, 17

Everyone loves to decorate their homes. There is an eternal bliss in decorating your home with your own hands. Add joy and ecstasy to that bliss as you decorate your home with things made by your own hands. Here are some simple yet attractive handmade home décor ideas that will stun your family members and your guests.

Magical corner of Dream Catcher. Catch your dreams.
Thu, Sep, 07

My work on the dream catcher is held in a special “magical corner.”  Nobody bothers me here, and this helps me clear my mind for the job. I light some herbal incense and a candle to cleanse the space and I begin creating.

Normally, I do not know the end result of when I finish the amulet - the ideas and images come during the process of making it. With a custom order it gets harder and easier at the same time. It is easier, because I can imagine the person who I am making the catcher for and it is harder because there are specific requirements of each customer, which sometimes do not coincide with my inner feeling of how it should be done.
Thu, Aug, 17

My name is Alexandra Nosko) I live in a happy marriage and and are raising two boys)) My husband and I are very fond of traveling. When the oldest son was 3 months old, my husband and I went to India. This trip brought out a lot of positive emotions and ideas. My husband perfected his pottery, and I was fascinated by hand weaving strips of cloth) I weave accessories, jewelry, and pillows.

Mandala made of threads
Sat, Jul, 22

Mandala made of threads.


Materials: yarn "Iris" 3-4 colors, 4 wooden skewers (for barbeque, sold in supermarkets).


First, choose the color of the thread with which we want to start with. In the future, you can change colors as you wish; in the instructions color will not be accented.