MyFancyCraft Wood Beer Mug 0.6L 20oz with Gift Box Stainless Steel Cup Men Eco-Friendly Souvenir Handmade Retro Brown

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10.00 cm
3.94 in
10.00 cm
3.94 in
14.50 cm
5.71 in
550.00 g
1.21 lb


There is no better gift, than a wooden mug with stainless steel cup, for a man or women who loves beer, coffee, tea or other cold and hot drinks. Handmade of natural oak wood and accomplished in a dark brown color, this solid mug gives beer its own particular taste. If you are looking for gift ideas for men – our unique handmade wood tankard is a right choice, he will enjoy drinking beer from it. The stainless steel insert inside the wooden casing of the mug will keep the temperature of the beer colder, for a longer period of time during the summer. All enthusiasts of beer along with fans of football or soccer; medieval fantasy novels and roleplaying games; or just lovers of renaissance stylish and carefully handcrafted oak wooden mugs will definitely adore such gifts! Handmade mugs are perfect gift for grooms and groomsmen. Key Features: Unisex: It’s not only a man mug, even kids can use it for hot or cold drinks. Multi-purpose: for beer, coffee, tea or other cold and hot drinks. Quality: made of oak wood & polished, metal (stainless steel) flask inside. Variations: in our store we have different type of mugs (barrel (round), classic (straight), beige (light brown) color, steins). We can even create a custom wood mug. Wooden beer mugs are artificially polished by our artisans, so the wood grain, color, weight, specifications may have tiny difference, also for this reason every wooden product is a unique artwork. Important -> Care Instructions: This stainless steel beer mug is not dishwasher safe, it must be washed delicately by hand under slightly warm water, using a soft washing cloth.

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Height: 5.70in (14.5cm); with the handle: 6.49in (16.5cm)
Diameter: 3.63in (10cm)

Volume: 20oz (0.6 liters)
Weight: 1.2lb (0.550kg)

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