Vintage & Art

Opishya - the soul of Ceramic art.
Sat, Sep, 09

Ceramists from Opishya are unsurpassed masters of their craft. They don't make sketches, all the creative ideas they perform at once. Among the large number of similar products you will not find the same. Ceramic pottery is made of local clay that  has a grayish color and  during the firing gets a light yellow hue.

Oil paintings by Olesya Yermolaeva. The desire and inspiration.
Sat, Sep, 02

The desire to paint a picture was my thirst since childhood, I had this urge to pick up the paints and a brush and paint. What exactly? Sometimes you know right away - there was a picture in my head (something seen, heard, thought, read and imagination tells you how to put it together), and sometimes you can create an atmosphere of creativity and inspiration also comes.

The artist doesn’t always have time to wait for a muse, it is sometimes necessary to create one yourself. There are things that appeal to you from the start - each artist has their own, these things they are always happy to paint.