Oil paintings by Olesya Yermolaeva. The desire and inspiration.

Oil paintings by Olesya Yermolaeva. The desire and inspiration.
Sat, Sep, 02

The desire to paint a picture was my thirst since childhood, I had this urge to pick up the paints and a brush and paint. What exactly? Sometimes you know right away - there was a picture in my head (something seen, heard, thought, read and imagination tells you how to put it together), and sometimes you can create an atmosphere of creativity and inspiration also comes.

The artist doesn’t always have time to wait for a muse, it is sometimes necessary to create one yourself. There are things that appeal to you from the start - each artist has their own, these things they are always happy to paint.

For me it is - cats, mice, flowers, perhaps ... I love painting alla prima - I can not stretch this process for a long time, love learning from colleagues, noticing the nuances of the painting, and improving. Until you draw 20 cats yourself- you won’t understand how to draw the fur, why the glare in the eyes has to be in a certain spot, and why is it so important to make the eyes of the animals look alive. It is easier to paint flowers - less important precision drawing lines. But oil painting is color! This is a game of colors, hues, highlights and shadows! It is not intended to pass the realism of the world, it makes it brighter, more interesting.

I like to paint, I love the brush, I love artist shops - they are also inspiring. I like to talk about the process of drawing, sometimes give lessons and gain a lot of energy from it.

You can find my work here:



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