Opishya - the soul of Ceramic art.

Opishya - the soul of Ceramic art.
Sat, Sep, 09

Recently our team has visited Opishnya - the pottery capital of Ukraine, where for centuries real ceramic masterpieces have been created. 
Ceramists from Opishya are unsurpassed masters of their craft. They don't make sketches, all the creative ideas they perform at once. Among the large number of similar products you will not find the same. Ceramic pottery is made of local clay that  has a grayish color and  during the firing gets a light yellow hue.
Сlay from Opishnya has more than 100 varieties, and each time our Artisan chooses which clay to use, depending on the planned product. A few years (1, 2 years - at least) the clay has to mature in the open air, and only then it is ready for operation. The goods are made on the pottery wheel. Then they have to dry for 1 month, and get fired up in a furnace at 1000 degrees celcius. Afterwards the goods are glazed and fired again. Once that is finished, the products are ready for long-term operation.