The beauty of needlework

The beauty of needlework
Wed, Aug, 23

I'll start with the fact that since childhood I loved needlework. Always something to do: cross stitching and beading, weaving with beads, knitting and crochet, even bought children's coloring books and painted picture after picture!

And now, with the birth of my son, I wanted to make something for him with my hands. So I picked up the hook ...

The first toys were knitted for my child (which he really appreciated!), they were different suspendable toys, teething toys, and chewing necklaces (which were a lot of help when breast feeding!), Rattles with different yarn remnants, which had been at my house.

Over time, I realized that in my 25 years, I finally found what I wanted to do in life - to create toys for the little ones! I do it with great pleasure!

So I purchased different yarns (infant, hypoallergenic), hooks, hypoallergenic filler, and other materials, and launched. Most of the toys are first praised by my son. I knit with love and in a good mood.