Building wooden educational toys

Building wooden educational toys
Thu, Jul, 13

Building wooden educational toys is our common hobby with my husband. The earliest toys we have done for our children. We wanted our toys to not only be bright and beautiful, but that they were also eco-friendly and beneficial to children’s development. Later on, as a teacher and speech therapist, I began to take the puzzles to work with me, so I could use them to help children with speech development. As it is well known that the better the development of attention, memory and logic, the better the child's speech is. A child develops when he or she is active and sees the results of his actions. Accordingly, the puzzle toy should open the possibility for action and expression of the child. It should be simple, open and stimulating. Only in this case, the toy may perform its primary function and become not just fun and games, but as means of development. Our wooden toys have already been evaluated by the parents of my pupils. We will be very happy if our toys will help your children grow and develop in harmony!







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