Mandala made of threads

Mandala made of threads
Sat, Jul, 22

Mandala made of threads.


Materials: yarn "Iris" 3-4 colors, 4 wooden skewers (for barbeque, sold in supermarkets).


First, choose the color of the thread with which we want to start with. In the future, you can change colors as you wish; in the instructions color will not be accented.


1. So, we take the first two skewers, fold them crosswise and start randomly winding thread around the middle to fix them into this position. When the cross is kept well, we gradually move to the weaving of a rhombus. To do this, we wrap each axis one time with thread. An important detail: we wind around each axis so that the thread is held on top of the sticks. Not from the bottom. Thus, the rods themselves in the mandala will not be visible, and will be completely covered with the patterns. In the future, all kinds of patterns are done the same way. When you weave a small diamond, set it aside. Take the other two skewers and do the same.


2. Now place the two made crosses on top of each other in the form of an eight-pointed star. Take a different color thread, fix it with a knot on one of the beams and wrap each beam to secure the shape of the mandala. Make sure that all the distances are the same, fix them periodically. Weave around like this a few times.


3. Now you can use different colors and patterns any way you like: the first pattern - each skewer has to be wrapped in a row. For the second pattern, wrap every second skewer. This way you achieve a diamond shape. Then you can make a second diamond, and you get a star. The third pattern - every third skewer is wrapped around in a circle – this will make the star shape (in this video, this pattern is not used, but you can try it yourself)


4. To complete the mandala, leave clearance of 1-2 cm on the tip of the skewers and wrap them around with the thread. Do not forget to make a loop to hang your mandala.

That's all. Be creative!