A couple of handmade home decor ideas to stun everybody

A couple of handmade home decor ideas to stun everybody
Fri, Nov, 17

Everyone loves to decorate their homes. There is an eternal bliss in decorating your home with your own hands. Add joy and ecstasy to that bliss as you decorate your home with things made by your own hands. Here are some simple yet attractive handmade home décor ideas that will stun your family members and your guests.

DIY Tape Wall

If you want to add the stencil look to your walls, but do not want to waste a lot of money on the paint company or on wallpapers, here is the simple handmade home décor idea. Take half-inch tapes of different colors. You could try black, blue and red or any other color depending on the color of the wall. All you have to do is to tear out a couple of 2-inch strip of tape and fix them on the wall to form a plus or cross sign. Re-apply at regular gap of 5”-6” and fill the wall with these crosses. Once done, it will have an amazing look that would resemble to one of those walls that they show in the wall paint commercials.

Handmade children’s hanger

If you have a good hand at handling tools and know how to work with wood, this décor idea is just for you. You could build a tree hanger for your little ones! All you would need is 2 plywood boards measuring 45x20x0.3 inches, four metal brackets and screws, few wooden handles with frames, a jigsaw, paint, paintbrush, pencil, scissors  and one sandpaper.

Draw the pattern of the tree on the ply boards. You need to be sure that the two patterns are identical. To do so, you may want to draw them on a piece of paper first and then use the paper as a stencil. One the tree pattern is being drawn saw them out of the board. Cut two slits of 0.4 inches each on the top and bottom of the tree boards that are absolutely in the middle of the entire width. Use the sandpaper to clean the edges and paint the tree with any color that suits your choice and the color scheme of the walls of your child.

Now install the two pieces of ply to make your tree stand tall and erect. Cut out few flowers or decorative patterns from the remaining ply boards and color them bright before you fix them with the tree’s crown or bark by means of screws. Fix the metal brackets and the wooden handles as per your choice and the children’s tree hanger is ready!

There are many other homemade decorative ideas that you can try to implement. Scouring the internet will unleash a whole set of such ideas that awaits the touch of your creative hands to get implemented.