Master-class on the creation of the Hair Band in the technique of tatting.

Master-class on the creation of the Hair Band in the technique of tatting.
Fri, Sep, 15


This delicate headband will look good in any hairstyle. Emphasize your femininity and refinement of taste, decorate your hair and put you in a good mood, because you yourself have made an exquisite accessory.

1) To create a headband we need: thread (of your choice, cotton, silk, or satin) beads, ribbon organza (Satin will slide through your hair, which is why it is better not to use it) hook, scissors, and a needle.

Photo 1

2) Thread is wound on the shuttle, and then 50 beads are strung. This is for the tape length of 30 cm. If you use a thinner thread, you should string more beads. Then, begin to weave like in the picture below. Blue circles - beads, orange stripes - connective Pico.

Photo 2

3) For weaving the first ring, leave one bead on the working yarn, others remain wound on the shuttle.

Photo 3

4) Thus, we begin to spin in 4 knots, Pico, 4 knots way. Before you do the Pico, push up your bead to the knots.

Photo 4

5) Make Pico with the bead, and continue to spin the same way. Tighten the ring.

Photo 5

6) Without a space in between, we begin to weave the second ring. We make 4 knots, attachable to the first picot ring weave 4 knots, make a Pico, and weave 8 knots. Tighten the ring.

Photo 6

7) We turn around our rings.

Photo 7

8) Without a space, we begin to weave a ring bead (as well as the very first)

Photo 8

9) and 10) Weave the fourth ring as well as the second, without a space.

Photo 9

Photo 10

11) After tightening the fourth ring again turn over your work and weave a ring with a bead.

Photo 11

12) Without letting go, weave the 6th ring pattern.

Photo 12

13) Again, we turn over, and weave the two rings.

Photo 13

14) So we continue to spin, turning every two rings to the required length. I get a lace tape length of 30 cm. The ends of the thread pull thru the needle, and hide in the nodules of the first and the last ring. Next, cut a piece of tape (length depends on the circumference of the head) and stretch it between two rows of rings.

Photo 14

15) Do not forget to catch the ends of the tape, otherwise it will unwind.

Photo 15