Magical corner of Dream Catcher. Catch your dreams.

Magical corner of Dream Catcher. Catch your dreams.
Thu, Sep, 07

My work on the dream catcher is held in a special “magical corner.”  Nobody bothers me here, and this helps me clear my mind for the job. I light some herbal incense and a candle to cleanse the space and I begin creating.

Normally, I do not know the end result of when I finish the amulet - the ideas and images come during the process of making it. With a custom order it gets harder and easier at the same time. It is easier, because I can imagine the person who I am making the catcher for and it is harder because there are specific requirements of each customer, which sometimes do not coincide with my inner feeling of how it should be done.
I have been making Dream Catchers for a long time for friends and family.

Previously, it seemed wrong to sell charms, because the dream catcher is supposed to be created for a specific person. But everything changes - and recently people have come to an understanding that the amulet can be in tune with the owner not only at the time of its creation, but also later on, with the help of a simple ritual or adjustment of the Dream Catcher will take place gradually , without any rituals , and the future owner will be able to select the amulet , which will call out to them.

You can find some of my works here:

Sincerely yours,
Anna Kashpur