Oil paintings by Olesya Yermolaeva. The desire and inspiration.
Sat, Sep, 02

The desire to paint a picture was my thirst since childhood, I had this urge to pick up the paints and a brush and paint. What exactly? Sometimes you know right away - there was a picture in my head (something seen, heard, thought, read and imagination tells you how to put it together), and sometimes you can create an atmosphere of creativity and inspiration also comes.

The artist doesn’t always have time to wait for a muse, it is sometimes necessary to create one yourself. There are things that appeal to you from the start - each artist has their own, these things they are always happy to paint.

The beauty of needlework
Wed, Aug, 23

The first toys were knitted for my child (which he really appreciated!), they were different suspendable toys, teething toys, and chewing necklaces (which were a lot of help when breast feeding!), Rattles with different yarn remnants, which had been at my house.

Over time, I realized that in my 25 years, I finally found what I wanted to do in life - to create toys for the little ones! I do it with great pleasure!

So I purchased different yarns (infant, hypoallergenic), hooks, hypoallergenic filler, and other materials, and launched. Most of the toys are first praised by my son. I knit with love and in a good mood.

Making eco-friendly toys from natural wood
Tue, Aug, 22

Parents want everything to be natural and safe for their beloved kids. I will share my experience about making wooden toys for children.


Marking details according to the templates; Boring holes; Cutting the details with the help of jigsaw; Rough grinding of details with the help of sander; Milling of holes and edge details; Find hand-grinding  of details; Covering parts with the linseed oil; Bonding wheels and assembling toys.
Thu, Aug, 17

My name is Alexandra Nosko) I live in a happy marriage and and are raising two boys)) My husband and I are very fond of traveling. When the oldest son was 3 months old, my husband and I went to India. This trip brought out a lot of positive emotions and ideas. My husband perfected his pottery, and I was fascinated by hand weaving strips of cloth) I weave accessories, jewelry, and pillows.

Mandala made of threads
Sat, Jul, 22

Mandala made of threads.


Materials: yarn "Iris" 3-4 colors, 4 wooden skewers (for barbeque, sold in supermarkets).


First, choose the color of the thread with which we want to start with. In the future, you can change colors as you wish; in the instructions color will not be accented.


Building wooden educational toys
Thu, Jul, 13

Building wooden educational toys is our common hobby with my husband. The earliest toys we have done for our children. We wanted our toys to not only be bright and beautiful, but that they were also eco-friendly and beneficial to children’s development.

Technique of tatting. Jewelry of Dream!
Thu, Jun, 01

At all times, handmade lace is very highly valued. I think in our days of lace - an integral part of the tender, mysterious, enigmatic female character. What is handmade lace? What images come up in our minds when we hear these words?

There are many techniques and types of handmade lace. Lace Bobbin, lace Oya (or Palestinian lace), Irish, Flemish, Valencian, etc. All of them, in their own way, interesting, every art has its unique features and capabilities. But in this article I will tell you about a technique of tatting.